October 22, 2015
Flower House Detroit – Floral Explosion

I had the honor of participating in such a wonderful event in Detroit last week. A large team of florists came together to hold an exhibition for Lisa Waud for her future flower farm (which we can’t wait for!!)

I snagged up the back stairwell, and although I wasn’t able to pursue certain designs I was envisioning, I was lucky enough to have a large majority of donated american grown roses and dahlias!

I built a floral wall filled with color flowers such as roses, dahlias, chamomile, poppies, and gold spray painted ivy. The call began with densely packs white roses, which bled into pink roses, which bled into a wild arrangement of a mixture of big, luscious blooms.

To see more detailed pictures of this floral wall, follow my instagram @floradetroit and search through the hashtag #FlowerHouseDetroit to check out the rest of the magic.


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Photo by Heather Saunders12106874_1607657976161688_1999606025769246793_n

Photo by Heather Saunders

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