March 2, 2016
fresh cream + lemon cake

a perfect cake for winter breakfast or midday coffee break ::

this recipe was derived form an italian in my kitchen‘s blog, and i loved it so much that i wanted to pass along to bake away winter blues. i served this as an afternoon pick me up alongside a coconut milk latte for myself and a classic for my hubs.

here is the link to all of the greatness :: enjoy!

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January 21, 2016
warming winter madras lentils

clearly, i am no professional chef, unless you are comparing me to my husband//dogs. but, with the combination of working from home and being a health freak, i have rounded up some delicious and healthy recipes for the last couple of years. luckily, i did not create this recipe, therefore all i have to do is post a link.. 😉

here is my newest obsession, since it is the easiest and most delicious recipe IN THE WORLD. as of my taste buds right now ::::::


i throw it on top of a bed of brown rice or quinoa, depending on how i’m feeling that day, with some grilled chicken and sliced up bell peppers to munch on the side.

i swear to you, this will kick today’s winter blues in the butt. enjoy!



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January 17, 2016
whimsical + classic winter wedding florals :: grant + maggie

whimsical and classic white bridal bouqueti have known grant + maggie for over a year of planning their wedding. maybe the most relaxed bride ever, maggie requested greens + whites to compliment there rustic, homey feel of waldenwoods. she’s a babys breath fanatic, so i was sure to add that into garlands along with white ranunculus.

her luxurious bouquet was simple, delicate, and stunning, and packed to the brim with white garden roses that smelled delicious. this classic bouquet stood out the entire night. not to mention how the wind picked up the draping ribbons.


babies breath flower crown flower girl


babies breath flower crowns were stunners for the flower girls to parade around in. the draping ribbon not only matched maggie’s classic bouquet, but added a delicate touch to the mix!


simple corsage wedding florals

a luxurious and simple corsage wrapped four mothers + grandmothers arms with a  classic brass cuff. ranunculus and greenery were a classic touch for this brides loved ones.

white corsage ann arbor

corsages wrapped up fabulously!


whimsical white wedding centerpiece floral wreaths that adorned the guest tables at the reception, with a birch table number in the center. these babes were filled with ranunculus from italy (strong lookers, i might add), hydrangea, cream roses, white ranunculus, baker ferns, seeded eucalyptus, and, of course, maggie’s favorite :: baby’s breath!

aside from this, long tables were topped with eucalyptus + green garlands and decorated with candlelight.

whimsical, yet classic winter wedding floral design for a simple + delicate look. definitely a wedding for the books!


congrats maggie + grant, you two are the cutest.

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December 8, 2015
2016 Lookbook

2016 weddings are booking up, and along with that my excitement comes for each individual event. All unique in their own ways, I can’t wait to jump into 2016 full force! So many beautiful flowers will be used // so many different floral creations to build!

Here is our 2016 inspiration lookbook  ::   ::   ::


2014-09-18_0143 Romantic-Beach-Bridal-Inspiration-Julie-Kay-Kelly-Erich-McVey-Workshop-Bridal-Musings-Wedding-Blog-3-630x846 cY-mzAgQ3zfRN4W9zfun_Sf2aLomRldsPNPFyKQnYqY unnamed-1 xXD6g_Q85hV4uBDSn7vtLbZrO51UMXVm_Rm2ci3V4PQ

It’s safe to say were looking forward to our down season to pick back up into this beautiful year of blooms!

Xx Flora

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October 22, 2015
Flower House Detroit – Floral Explosion

I had the honor of participating in such a wonderful event in Detroit last week. A large team of florists came together to hold an exhibition for Lisa Waud for her future flower farm (which we can’t wait for!!)

I snagged up the back stairwell, and although I wasn’t able to pursue certain designs I was envisioning, I was lucky enough to have a large majority of donated american grown roses and dahlias!

I built a floral wall filled with color flowers such as roses, dahlias, chamomile, poppies, and gold spray painted ivy. The call began with densely packs white roses, which bled into pink roses, which bled into a wild arrangement of a mixture of big, luscious blooms.

To see more detailed pictures of this floral wall, follow my instagram @floradetroit and search through the hashtag #FlowerHouseDetroit to check out the rest of the magic.


image7 12112162_500724253420759_8780349427924802028_n 12105702_1607658386161647_5318623789424195624_n

Photo by Heather Saunders12106874_1607657976161688_1999606025769246793_n

Photo by Heather Saunders

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July 14, 2015
Floral Push Pops!

Helllllooooooo beautiful (& eco-friendly!!) These babies are super special becausssseee:

1. Filled with dried hydrangeas, roses & lilacs (cue sniffs & smiles) & 2. this letterpress label is printed on seed paper so you can re-use this baby by planting it in the ground!

Stock up on them for your wedding while BHLDN is offering free shipping!

(link below picture)






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Bouquet of Flowers, Design, Detroit
May 14, 2015
Mother’s Day Flowers!

Mother’s Day was such a fun & tiring time for us! Each design was done differently & I loved the out come (and I hope you did too!). Thanks to all who left us sweet comments & reviews.

Here are some of my favorite flower arrangements from Mother’s Day. The peonies were so fragrant & bursting with beauty. We used a great amount of ranunculus, tulips, peonies, David Austin garden roses, stock, & of course, dusty miller!

 image-7 image-4 image-8 image-5 copy 3 image-5 copy image-4 copy 4 image-4 copy 5 image-4 copy 3

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Bouquet of Flowers, Design
April 24, 2015
Design of the Week

My favorite bouquet this week was made of a handful of my favorites, but the best things about this bouquet was the colors that tied in together. The grayish green of the Dusty Miller and the dusty colored Hydrangea are great together, but my favorite are the red Rice flowers. Tucked in with those are mini white carnations. Usually I avoid carnations at all costs. But the mini ones are great fillers, and honestly so fluffy and beautiful. And to tie the rest in, these deep red tulips are the best! I was so happy that a birthday girl got this bouquet. Day. Made. What was your favorite bouquet this week??


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April 17, 2015

Found the most marvelous tulips today! Also, whenever I try to type “tulips” I type “tupils.”  What the heck, Mady?!?! Anyways, look at the marbled red color and how they stretch out of the jar. That’s something I love about tulips… how they sprawl out of their vases and reach out into the room. Very excited to sell these tomorrow at Parker Street Market. Swing on by; you have to lay your eyes on these beauties. Creamy and colorful – love, love, love.


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Detroit, Small Businesses, Travel
March 26, 2015
Exploring the City

Today was a good day. Between lunch meetings with Molly from Ester Cobe Photography & running around Detroit with my wonderful fiancé, it’s safe to say I’m ready to hit the couch and binge watch House of Cards. I found some great little shops today that got my heart racing, so I though I would share them with you.

Parker Street Market

Um, dreams do come true. This store is filled with organic (win), local (win), & delicious (duh, win!) treats. I should know, I went home with my hands full and it’s already 80% gone! 


Three words: Check it out.

Fellow Barber

I want to get MY hair done here. Beautiful shop, great service, & they even have a “hangover treatment” which seems like a pretty nice way to recover from a hangover.


City Bird

This is the kind of store I could spend $1,000 a day in. So many little details & so many adorable items. Here is what I wanted to buy, among 20 million other things I didn’t take pictures of:


Eastern Market Print & 


Michigan Pillow (usually I hate these kinds of pillows/home decor, but this one had real charm engrained in it)

So, we marketed, met new people, promoted Preservation Detroit, and spent too much money. Did anyone else have an unsolicited shopping spree?

Xx Flora

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